Healthy Living: Breakfast

Good Morning!!!

I decided I wasn’t going to stop and get coffee (a ton of calories in those coffee drinks), however, I will make my own coffee and add a little bit of coffee mate (10 calories) and a sprinkle of sugar. As a coffee fanatic, I don’t really need to put much in my coffee.

For breakfast, I had a banana and some Chobani yogurt. So good!

Not sure what I’m doing for lunch. Maybe I’ll stop at Whole Foods, which has amazing food prepare and there’s always something new I haven’t tried. I could live in Whole Foods.

“Live Well and Prosper!”


Be True. Be You.

…That’s what my ring ( picture on the right) says!

I bought myself that ring right before my freshman year of college. I have since graduated and but I feel as though I’ve stayed pretty true to myself. With all those ups and downs life just loves to throw at us,  staying strong can seem impossible. “Keep Moving Forward” as Disney would say.

Stay Strong!