Weight Loss Frustration

I forget how much of a mental struggle getting fit can be. We want to see results right away and when we don’t, frustration and self-deprecation rears its ugly head.

I’ve been guilty of this lately and sometimes you need a reality check that you are not going to lose 10 lbs in a week… not matter what people say. I’ve been training super hard 4 times a week, and even though I see some muscle toning, the extra lbs I’ve been trying to lose is still there.

Everyone tells me that it’s my diet that will get rid of that but we all know how difficult clean eating can be. I work in an office all day and sit at a computer so I start thinking and craving things I know I shouldn’t eat. What makes it worse is that where I work, yummy treats are just a walk away. Maybe it’s stress, or hormones, or just terrible nutrition but cookies sound pretty good right now….NO! STOP!

It’s all about mental strength and teaching yourself positive self talk so those thoughts that make you feel like you can’t do this or “why bother,” wont mess with your progress.

Rome wasn’t built-in a day. Weight loss doesn’t happen over night.


Ps. Eat fruit! It’s good for you! Ignore those people who say you shouldn’t eat it.


Stay Strong,




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